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Handling logistics for hazardous goods, medicine, weapons, explosives, and other specialized items requires expertise and a strong international network. At DE.JA LOGISTIK, we can provide both, ensuring swift and professional service to ensure your cargo arrives safely at its destination.

We are your partner if you...

Need to transport hazardous goods, weapons, medicine, tobacco, mainframe computers, or similar items.
Seek a certified and well-connected logistics provider in Germany.
Require safety, speed, and cost-efficiency to go hand in hand.

Our certifications

About us

Specialized Logistics Means Trust

Being in specialized logistics isn't just a job; it's a calling. A calling we answer for our clients every day, relying on long-standing partnerships. Because if transporting weapons and hazardous goods requires one thing, it's trust. And that comes with time.

The fact is, you want to transport something that requires special handling. This not only focuses on the cargo itself but also the mode of transportation and the speed of delivery. Because not every item can be transported at the same speed.

With us, you get the best of both worlds: security and speed, whether for national or international shipments.

Experts in Hazardous Goods Logistics - Over 20 Years of Experience

We have been operating in specialized logistics for over 23 years, establishing an international network of professional and trustworthy partners during this time.

Additionally, as our client, you benefit from our strong connections with customs, the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control, and many other authorities. Plus, we're extremely fast, thanks to our prime location directly at Frankfurt Airport.

Whatever your logistical challenge may be, we'll handle it for you, taking care of everything, including warehousing. And if you ever have questions or need advice, your personal DE.JA contact person is here for you.

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What we offer


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Active Nationally and Internationally

Scheduled freight across Europe
Groupage and full loads
Temperature-controlled transport
Hazardous goods classes 1-9, including EX-II

Air Freight 
On-board courier
Express service

Valuable goods 
Animal transports
Hunting trophies

We are an IATA Cargo Agent

Just like our clients' goods, we never stand still. Through regular training and further education, we keep ourselves up to date, ensuring the highest standards in specialized logistics. That's why we're part of the IATA Cargo Agency program, providing us with direct access to airlines and optimizing the transport of your hazardous goods, military equipment, or radioactive products.

Additional Certifications

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

Our expertise is confirmed. With the title 'Authorized Economic Operator' (AEO F 111517), we have achieved a status confirming us as a reliable partner regarding the security of international supply chains.

Additional Certifications

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Close Collaboration with Customs

Our close collaboration with customs benefits you, whether importing or exporting. We are connected to all German customs offices, and our partners abroad work closely with customs as well.

Additional Certifications

Your Benefits at a Glance

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We specialize in the transport of firearms, catering to hunters, sports shooters, firearm collectors, and military needs. Our expertise extends beyond Germany, transporting weapons across the European Union and internationally. We provide tailored logistics solutions, involving experienced couriers, security experts, and trained logisticians, ensuring maximum security during transport. We are knowledgeable in firearms law, holding an exception permit according to §40 WAFFG to transport prohibited weapons.

Of course, we offer an individual logistics solution for every need, with our experienced team working on it for you. We consist of experienced couriers, security experts and trained logisticians and do everything we can to handle the transport with maximum security aspects. Of course, you can also have your weapons insured through us.

We not only have the expertise and expertise in gun law. We are also subject to the exemption §40 WAFFG and have permission to transport war weapons, prohibited weapons and objects.

Expert for hunting and sporting weapons
International transport possible by truck and air freight
NATO handling
military transport

Ammunition and Explosives

Transporting explosive goods poses significant challenges, but over the past two decades, we at DE.JA have become one of the most reliable logistics partners for explosives, thanks to our experienced team. We continuously undergo training to meet and exceed the latest security standards, expanding our international partner network along the way.

But we are not resting on our laurels. Through regular training and further education, we ensure that we always meet - and exceed - the latest safety standards. We are also constantly working to further expand our international partner network.

Over the last 20 years, we have built up a reliable logistics structure in Europe - and worldwide. We are experienced in the application of explosives and dangerous goods legislation. Join our international customer base.

✔ Explosives permit §7
✔ Explosives permit §20

Radioactive Materials and Medicine

The transportation of hazardous goods requires appropriate certifications and extensive experience. We have both. And even more. We take the appropriate precautions that must be taken when transporting radioactive materials. But we always go one step further to keep the risk to people and the environment as low as possible.

The correct handling of the transport documents as well as the appropriate packaging and correct labeling of the goods are a matter of course for us. The same applies to the professional documentation of the process and professional handling.

✔ All classes (grade 1 to grade 7)
✔ Regular transportation of explosives internationally
✔ Packaging and declaration according to IATA DGR, ADR, RID, ADN, IMDG Code and ICAO-TI

Tobacco, Tobacco Products, Cigarettes, and Cigars

When it comes to indulgence products, only one thing matters: enjoyment. With our extensive network in the tobacco industry, we focus on the correct transportation of tobacco products, ensuring their taste is preserved. We offer comprehensive transportation services both domestically and internationally.

Over the years, we have built up an exceptional network in the tobacco industry and can boast numerous satisfied customers. Both at home and abroad.

✔ Serving all transport routes in Europe and beyond
✔ Consideration of the special freight properties
✔ Export and import on the agreed date

Mainframe Computers and Data Center Accessories

Want logistics ready for operation? DE.JA is on the spot!
Our mainframe logistics and data center equipment logistics services include the storage, transport, assembly and commissioning of complex and sensitive technical goods.
We are there for you with a great deal of commitment and expertise. So that your technical equipment gets safely from A to B. And be ready for use immediately.

✔ Transportation including customs clearance
✔ Delivery with unpacking and clearing
✔ Disposal of packaging material
✔ Packaging for future export

DE.JA Logistik GmbH

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